Beckys Dungeon

Previous updates
Real Media from Jade was added

More extreme Sarah pictures

Tittie and needle torture with Susan


Real Media from Jade was added

We added Sarah back the site with more extremer pictures

A great amateur site named was added

New pictures from Natalie, a GORGEOUS East European girl were added

and a lot more stuffff happening :)


June 26
More and EXTREMER Jade Pictures

Here's the preview link Jade, Extreme Teen Pain Slut

Members, Go check her Real Media (07/12, Now on the site)


June 06
New Beckys Dungeon is Online !!

Here's one of the new girls... Jade...

66 pics to start with and a lot more to cum from Jade.


A extremely GREAT photoshoot, a trip where we met a lot of new girls, Girls that will make you hard, even without seeing them getting punished. Also, redesign of the old site, let us surprise you in June....

April 16
Two Servers and gone for a few day's !!!!

We now have two servers available for our members.
East Coast USA members, choose server one.
West Coast USA members, choose server two.
In between members and foreign customers, choose server two.
We will be out of office from Monday afternoon till Friday evening.

We are going out on a photo and video shoot to provide you with a lot of new stuff. So, hang in there, we'll be back soon :)


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April 05

Picture Galleries

Three galleries were added..

Go check it out on picture index page 9 :)

Click the links, give me that top 1 Position out there :)


FETISH 50 the top fetish sites

Excellent links and more


March 22


Three picture pages were added..

Cool stuff with needles, clamped nipples and hogties.

Have fun...:)

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March 08

Real Media Clips

Savannah's nipples clamped with a double set of clover clamps
(the ones she likes so much :)
Weights hanging from her nipples, swinging the weights, needles stuck in her tits
And GOOOOOOD masturbation when she fucks herself with a dildo........
Plain fuck.... Hell NO !! Her pussy is needles, clamped and tortured when she does it !!

9 clips were added........

Scroll down and read the password info.....

February 22

Here's the first video clips from Sarah, the tiny tittied pain slave.

Check the real media page to find them, there's nine, big format crystal clear
Real Media clips with sound...Very nice !!

Also, two new pages from Kim, the girl from Holland, waxing her own tits because she
didn't have a choice :)

And...See slave Tamara from getting her tits nailed to a board !!!!!

Check out her site.....COOL, CRUEL, lots of pics and stuff !!!

February 04

We added new pictures from Karin, the Dutch pain slut.

Some of them are continuing from a previous serie, many of them are new

We also received pictures from Master Scorpio. very nice tit torture.....
Check them out on picture index page 7,

Important News

Soon, we will be implementing password protection on this site.
New users will be asked to choose a username and password after they joined.
Existing users that don't have a username and password, one will be issued to you.

How to get a username and password.........

Write me a email,

make sure to include your subscription ID or your transaction number and you will
receive a valid password and username.

Emails without subscription ID or transaction numbers cannot be processed !!

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January 25

We just added 14 EXTREME clips from Misty.

Tit skewering, cum and piss drinking, humilliation
and very extreme whipping.

There's also two picture pages from Misty.
So, go check it out.

BTW, the clips are around 2 meg each, give them time to load,
also, they are in Quicktime format.


December 31

Yep......... Another year gone........

The team here at Beckys wanna thank all of you for making this a pretty good year.
And we sure hope to see you again in the next year. May this next year bring you and your
loved ones al happiness and luck you wish for.

Here's our December 31 update.....

Check picture index page 7. It has the link to some lesbian BDSM we did recently.
See, Sarah wanted to play mistress and we found a nice hot Italian girl Franceska
who could not wait to be dominated by a girl.
Check these 87 pictures.

Another thing we did, we put Savannah trough the test again. This time with
severe nipple and tit torture. Double clover clamps, needles, weights, she just
can't get enough of it :) So, check out these new pictures toooo....:)
Okidoki.....see ya next year...

BTW, The movie "Hard Stuff" is released and is shipping now.
December 14

Here's more Sarah for you.

Enjoy seeing her tiny tittied and nipples pulled, tied and tortured

50 pictures and more to cummmm...

Find Sarah in the picture index pages...

December 07

As promised.....

Robin serie continued.
You'll see this virgin in the torture chair wearing that little mini skirt.
Her titties are poking out and needles are stuck trough her nipples.

You'll see her loosing her virginity when Betty stick a dildo in her. And there's the original pictures from that hot wax scene. Clover clamps and pulled nipples.. hmmmm :)

100 pictures on four pages from Robin.
Find her in the picture index pages.

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December 04

Here's a little mini serie from Savannah.

During the last year she really grew up to be a real true painslut.
In this last visit with her we treated her to some heavy breast bondage and needle torture.
Go see for yourself.

This comming weekend.
We are completing the serie from Robin with some unpublished stuff. It was the same session but for some reason we never posted these files. We are also planning on some other pages from Sarah.

November 21

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

We just got back from a nice trip to visit some old friends.
And on this trip, we met up with Savannah again. She introduced us to a girlfriend of her,
her name is Sarah.

After a heavy party, we took sarah to our hotelroom and we played with her for a long long time. She had never done the stuff we like, so she is a TOTAL novice.
Very playful and her cup size A titties are a real delight to play with.
Next day, she came back for more :)

So........We put 100 pictures of Sarah on the site today.
Find them in picture index page 2.

there are a couple updates to come with Sarah, including a pretty hard needle ssession, but....I am gonna save that for later.

You'll just have to hang in there and wait for them pictures and Real Media :)

So....enjoy the pictures of this little hottie. !!

Drink and drive don't go together so keep it safe on the road.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend, I will, cause I gotta go some place :) Angelique